Summer Programs

Within each municipality, there are numerous programs or teams that are available throughout the summer months. You can find:

Youth Centers

There are many Youth centers throughout Lanark County that provide Youth with a fun and safe environment allowing them to participate in key organizational decision-making with adult mentors and supervision. They offer structured educational programs and activities for Youth helping develop life skills, employment skills, leadership abilities and good citizenship.

After-school Programs

You can find many after-school programs available at most schools that are designed to meet a child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive requirements. These programs can be found for children of all ages, from infants, toddlers and children through to 10 years old.

Day Camps

There are numerous day camps around Lanark County available in the summer time. Many provide children with activities in a safe, community-oriented environment. Many day camps range from dance to camping day camps.

Sports Camps

Within Lanark County, there are many sports camps that can develop key skills within that particular sport. It is done in a positive atmosphere and provides a fun, healthy environment between players and coaches. You can find camps ranging from football to soccer within certain municipalities.

Babysitting Courses

In the municipalities there is the opportunity to get your babysitting course. These programs provide knowledge about child behavior, accident prevention, safety, injury prevention and much more. After completion of the courses, you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Summer School

At many local schools, there is the opportunity to regain credits by attending summer school to recover a credit that may have been lost due to failure of a course. You can also reach ahead and gain credits or just increase your English and Math skills. All of these opportunities are available for you to participate in.

Boating Exams

By having your boating license, it provides added safety making a big impact in the number of boating accidents. These courses will provide you with water safety information and easy to follow instructions about how to approach power boating.

Hunting Licenses

Strict laws regulate what, where and how a person can hunt. Each person must pass both the Canadian Firearms Safety Course exam and the Ontario Hunter Education Course exam. To hunt in Ontario, most residents need a hunting version Outdoors card and the applicable license tags or licenses.

Fishing Licenses

Ontario residents need an Outdoors Card to fish in Ontario if you are at least 18 years old. When fishing, you must always carry your license with you.

Sports Teams

There are many sports teams that in which you can participate within Lanark County. These range from soccer to baseball to rugby.

Educational Programs

Lanark County offers a variety of educational programs for youth. The days have different fun and educational activities, while they are centered on the environment, history and biology.

There are plenty of fun activities and programs to do within Lanark County. For more information about programs and courses near you, please visit the local municipality’s websites by clicking on their icon at the bottom of this page.