Recycling and Garbage

Lanark County is committed to protecting the environment and providing waste management infrastructures that support the on-going development. Each town/township within Lanark County offers services that assist citizens to do their part.

Information on the following is available on each of Lanark County community websites.

  • Garbage Tags
  • Uncollectible Waste
  • Acceptable Items for Recycling
  • Collection Schedules
  • Christmas Tree Collection
  • Leaf Collection
  • Waste Sites
  • And more

Waste Collection

Lanark County provides curbside waste collection to the residents, commercial, and light industrial sites throughout the municipality. This biweekly program works in conjunction with the curbside recycling and organics collection program. The curbside collection service is conducted by a contractor using a multi-year contract.

Waste Disposal

Lanark County has several landfill sites located in the local communities.  Site operations include services such as waste diversion, recycling, composting, and waste disposal. The sites are reviewed annually by the Ministry of the Environment. The sites are operated by staff members responsible for tracking materials and placing, processing, or diverting materials entering the facility.


Lanark County operates a two stream recycling program using Blue Boxes and Yellow Boxes. The traditional Blue Box is designed to collect the fibre stream (paper, cardboard, etc ;) and the Yellow Box is for containers (metal, glass, and plastic). These recycled components are collected in an alternating week pattern at various coordinated zones throughout the municipality. The collected materials are processed at a commercial site where they are segregated and packaged for recycling processes.

Please note that not all Lanark County communities have both blue and gold bins. For more information please visit the communities websites.


Lanark County communities collect residential organic materials using the Green Bin program. These organic materials are collected weekly and transported to the Landfill sites where they are processed at the composting area into a reusable soil amendment and fertilizer is available.

Please note that not all Lanark County communities have green bins. For more information please visit the communities websites.

Waste Diversion

This component of Waste Management is responsible for the perpetual evaluation of the waste materials generated within Lanark County. Staff and its resources are diligent at monitoring waste issues and providing diversion tools for the residents of Lanark County.