Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to immigrate to Canada? Who can help me with the immigration process?

To learn how to immigrate to Canada you can read the guides at Ontario ImmigrationSettlement.orgCitizenship and Immigration Canada and Going to Canada.

You can hire an immigration consultant or a lawyer to help you with the immigration process. This is not a requirement within the immigration process but it can be helpful. You can find more information on hiring a professional immigration consultant or lawyer at Please refer to the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants website to find licensed immigration consultants in the Lanark County area.

What do new immigrants need to do after arriving in Canada? Are there more forms I need to fill out?

As a new immigrant who has recently landed in Canada, you will need: 

  1. Social Insurance Card or SIN card
  2. Ontario Health Insurance Program Card or OHIP Card
  3. Driver's License
  4. Bank Account

What is the difference between permanent residents in Canada and Canadian citizens?

Permanent residents are immigrants or refugees who have been granted the right to live permanently in Canada. They have more rights and privileges than visitors, but less than citizens. More information can be found in the Permanent Residence article on

How do I apply to become a Canadian Citizen?

After living in Canada for 3 to 4 years as a permanent resident, and demonstrating that you can communicate in English or French, you may be able to apply for Canadian citizenship.

You will also have to show that you have learned about Canada, and what it means to be a Canadian citizen. You will have to pass a test to show you understand our political system, know about our history, geography and understand Canadian rights and responsibilities. For more information, please see the guides on Settlement.Org and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website will break down the process of applying for citizenship into several steps. They include:

After I am granted permanent residence, can I return to my original place of residence?

You may return to your original place of residence, but there are residency requirements you must follow to keep your permanent resident status in Canada. Please see the "what are the residency requirements of permanent residents?" article on

What documents do I need in order to be able to work in Canada?

Everyone who works in Canada needs a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) issued by the Federal Government.  For more information on how to get a Social Insurance Number, please refer to the Service Canada website.  Visitors, students and refugee claimants need a temporary work permit in order to work in Canada.  For more information on temporary work permits, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canadawebsite.

How can I get my professional credentials assessed?

Please visit the Recognition Foreign Credentials section of this website for information on several resources available to help you get your credentials evaluated and recognized.

What are my rights as an employee?

You can find out about Ontario's employment standards in the Your Rights at Work brochure and the Employment Standards Act guide produced by the Ministry of Labour.

How soon, after landing in Canada, can I use my OHIP? Is it neccessary to buy my own temporary health insurance?

There is a three-month waiting period before you can use government health insurance (OHIP). In this time it is suggested that you buy your own temporary health insurance. For more information on getting your OHIP card please visit the Important Documentation Section of this website.

Can my child get OHIP coverage immediately after landing?

Babies born in Canada are exempt from the three-month waiting period. Adults and all other children must complete the three-month waiting period before OHIP coverage can begin. If you are a refugee, refugee claimant or protected person, you can apply for interim federal health benefits during this time. Information about these benefits can be found at or through Service Canada.

How do I find medical care in Lanark County?

Please see the Health Care Section of this website for a listing of local Hospitals, information about finding a doctor in your community and other health topics. If you have an emergency please dial 9-1-1!

What if I need help learning English?

There are many options for improving your English in Lanark County. The ESL Section on this website provides information on where to start. You can also visit English as a Second Language website or Occupation Specific Language Training website.

I want to find a school for my children. Where can I find the information?

The school that your child will attend depends on where you live in Lanark County. For information on what types of schools are in the area please see the Education Section of this website. For a listing of what schools are in the area please see the Elementary SchoolsSecondary Schools and Post Secondary Education sections of this website.

I want to go to university. Can I get student loans?

This depends on the college or university you are looking to attend. More information is available from the Post Secondary Education Section of this website, and the Ontario Universities Application Centre.

I have a driver's license from my home country. Can I use it to drive cars in Canada?

You can use a license from your home country for 60 days. After 60 days you will need an Ontario's driver's license. For more information please refer to the Important Documentation Section.

What can be used as ID (forms of identification) in Canada?

There are many different types of ID used in Canada. What type you need depends on the organization you are dealing with. A good general list is included in the's article.

I have children, what benefits can I apply for? How do I apply for these benefits?

The Canada Child tax Benefit (CCTB) helps with the cost of raising children. There may be other benefits depending on your situation. For more information on how to apply for the CCTB and other benefits please visit the website.

What modes of transportation are available in Lanark County?

You can travel through Lanark County by using various transportation services. For information on transportation and what Lanark County has to offer for commuting please refer to the Commuting/Transportation Section of this website.

How do I find a job in Lanark County?

There are multiple resources available to find a job in Lanark County that can help you with your job search. For information on services available please refer to the Employment Services Section of this website. For a listing of several local job search websites please refer to the Other Job Sites Section. For additional information on what to expect when finding a job in Lanark County please refer to the Labour Market Section of this website.

Where will I stay when I first arrive in Lanark County?

There are several options for short-term accommodations in Lanark County, including hotels, bed and breakfasts (B&B's), and rental rooms. For more information on accommodations in Lanark County please use the website and type in the category such as hotels along with the town/city you wish to stay in or use the website for local listings. It is advisable to make a reservation for short-term accommodations prior to your arrival in Lanark County. For information on renting or buying an apartment or house can be found in the Housing Section.

How do I find out about my rights as a tenant?

You can find out about your rights as a tenant by visiting the website.

What are some helpful telephone numbers?

211 - All 211 calls are answered by live operators, certified information specialists who assess each caller’s needs and link them to the best available services and programs. Interpreters are available in over 150 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a free service. You can also access this information online at

411 - An operator will look up a telephone number for you. There is usually a small fee for using this service. The cost will be added to your telephone bill. You can also look up telephone numbers online free of charge at

911 - In an emergency, an operator will connect you to the police, fire department or ambulance service. For general inquiries you can call the numbers below:

  • Town of Perth - (613) 267-3131
  • Town of Smiths Falls - (613) 283-4124 ext 1127 
  • Town of Carleton Place - (613) 257-2323
  • Ontario Provincial Police 1-888-310-1122

How do I find maps of Lanark County?

Maps of Lanark County can be found in the Maps Section on this website.