Community Connections

Community Connections brings together newcomers to Canada and established community residents for sharing and learning.
Newcomers learn about living in Canada, practise speaking English and make connections in their new community.

Volunteers act as guides to life in the community. In the process, they learn about other cultures and gain a better understanding of what immigrants contribute to Canada.

Funded through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Community Connections offers: 

  • Cultural and/or career mentoring (both individual and group)
  • Opportunities for multi-way interaction and cross-cultural awareness
  • Networking (i.e. professional or cross-cultural) 
  • Conversation circles supporting language learning 
  • Group activities/sessions supporting knowledge transfer and cross-cultural awareness
  • Other types of connections within the community (i.e. connecting parents with young children to early childhood development networks, newcomer seniors to seniors networks).

Community Connections helps newcomers feel at home sooner, and it builds a welcoming community. The program benefits everyone by helping Canadian society achieve its full potential

Community Connections participants are recently-arrived newcomers or those newcomers who still need help adapting to their new life in Canada. To be eligible for the program, you must be a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or a live-in caregiver.
To become a Community Connections volunteer, you should be:

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident 
  • Established and knowledgeable about your community
  • Open to learning about and appreciating other cultures 
  • Willing to share your own cultural background and your appreciation of Canadian society

For more information on Community Connections locally, contact Julie Case, TR Leger School.
Address: 10 Ontario Street, Smiths Falls ON, K6J 1H2
Phone: 613-330-0102
Toll Free: 1-877-412-CIRC (2472)