Community Newcomer Partnership Program

Lanark County communities have established a Community Newcomer Partnership Program with federal and provincial funding received in 2010 under the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement.  The Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement supports municipalities in attracting newcomers and helping them to settle in their communities.  The Community Newcomer Partnership Program will serve to educate immigrants and new residents on the many services Lanark County communities have to offer. Community partners identified include medical service providers, business services, churches, employment agencies, industry, retail shops, restaurants, media, real estate professionals, schools and service clubs.

The Community Newcomer Partnership Program is a natural expansion of Lanark County communities efforts in the area of increased residential attraction.

This government-funded program will help engage the community and local employers on the benefits and opportunities that newcomers can bring to the workplace.  An important aspect of the program is the Community Ambassador Program, which involves training the participants as ambassadors to promote Lanark County communities as a team.